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Lasik is FDA-Approved for permanent vision correction, and performed only by an experienced surgeon at Texas Vision

LASIK is the most popular option in laser vision correction. In this method, a thin flap is made on the most superficial portion of the cornea. The cornea is about a credit card in thickness. The flap is usually about 1/5 or 1/6 the thickness of the cornea. It is usually circular and one edge remains uncut, which serves as a hinge to lift the flap and fold it back. The area under this flap is what is reshaped in LASIK. Once the area is reshaped the flap laid back down into its original position. The most superficial part is left untouched and since this is the most sensitive part of the cornea the procedure is relatively comfortable post- operatively.


The flap can either be made with a special blade that creates a thin slice on the front of the cornea, or with a laser. The flap created with the laser tends to be more predictable in dimensions and some of the risks seen with the blade have been eliminated. Flaps can be made thinner and made to fit more like a man hole cover, with a peripheral vertical cut that fits back in nicely, rather than the straight cut with the blade.


The flap stays in place much better than you might expect. It is somewhat adhesive immediately and the pumping action of the endothelium serves to hold it in place while new adhesions from the healing process are made. People can usually go back to work the next day and go back to nearly all activities within a week. Vision is usually quite good within the first week and sometimes the next day. Drops are used in the weeks following surgery to prevent infection and swelling. Our goal at Texas Vision is to provide you with excellent LASIK results with the best technology available. Dr. Branch and his team are committed to providing quality  LASIK surgery in Cedar Park.

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