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Here at Texas Vision, we treat every client that walks into our practice like family. Our life-changing eye procedures have helped clients all over Central Texas regain their vision. That’s why our clients have shared with us their stories about their lives after our vision solutions.

A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes. My vision had become quite cloudy. Dr. Branch performed cataract surgery in my right eye first. It made such a difference in my vision that he suggested doing the left eye the next week instead of waiting several weeks as we had first discussed. I had some astigmatism which Dr. Branch then corrected with Lasik surgery. I went from extreme nearsightedness with very thick lenses in my glasses to over the counter readers. I couldn’t be more pleased. Both the cataract surgery and the Lasik procedure were painless and were complete in a matter of minutes. I was seeing more clearly immediately after surgery. Dr. Branch is very meticulous, thoroughly examining the eye and taking measurements so he knows exactly what is needed during surgery. I met with Dr. Branch several times before surgery and he explained the procedures in detail so I would know what to expect during and after the surgeries. He is extremely thorough with follow up visits. He called me later in the afternoon the day of my surgery just to make sure everything was fine. Some months later I went to a local optical shop with a prescription for progressive lenses. This shop had made glasses for me in the past so they had my previous prescriptions on file. After looking at the new prescription and checking my previous prescriptions they asked me was I sure this new one was correct. I explained that I had had the surgeries and they were astonished. Both the optician and the doctor at this optical shop wanted to know the name of my doctor so they could use him if they ever needed eye surgery. I was very sad to have to tell them that Dr. Branch was no longer practicing in Greenville but I am extremely happy with my “new” eyes.

Jackie S.

I am a 51 year old who has worn prescription glasses or contact lenses since I was 15 years old. Glasses were always a poor solution for me because I love the outdoors, motorcycles and sports and my glasses limited me in many ways. Contact lens were a better solution and I wore them for 25 years, but my eyes were red and irritated the entire time and during allergy season the problem was greatly exacerbated. At 51, I also required reading glasses to supplement my contacts. About 6 months ago, I opted to go to Dr. Branch to determine if I was a candidate for iLasik because I had read about the safety, accuracy and great success of the procedure. Dr. Branch was extremely easy to work with and discussed my goals and the procedure with me in detail providing me with every thing I needed to know. The key point to me was that the procedure uses the latest technology to track your eye even if you move during the procedure and this seemed to be a major improvement over other procedures I had looked at in the past. I arrived at the clinic and the procedure went exactly as Dr Branch had outlined it. He customized the procedure to my goals and the specific needs of my eyes. It was completely painless and took roughly 8 minutes per eye. When the procedure was complete, we tested my eyes and they were better than 20-15 which was better vision than I had ever achieved with glasses or contacts. My eyes continue to improve slightly over the following days. It is great to be able to wake up every day and actually see the alarm clock time without having to put on glasses or crawl out of bed for contacts. I don’t miss contacts falling out of my eyes when they get dry and I don’t miss the redness I had constantly for all those years. My choice to have iLasik has greatly improved my quality of life. I highly recommend the procedure and I can honestly say that Dr Branch’s ability to customize to my needs and his professionalism and courteous, friendly approach made the experience a completely positive one for me. Good luck with your iLasik. . . you will love it.

Tony B.

I had my LASIK eye surgery and within minutes of the procedure i could see great. I went from 24 years of glasses and contacts to 20/20 vision without glasses. Within 1 week, my vision went to 20/15 in both eyes. I owe it to Dr. John Branch for this life changing experience. Dr. Branch was very in depth with his exams and post op visits. I am now 1 year and 4 months with 20/15 vision and I owe it all to Dr. John Branch. Thanks alot. You’re the best.

Kevin P.

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